Spin Network is the creative partnership of filmmaker Marisa Zanotti and composer Matthew Whiteside, who met as part of Magnetic North’s residency programme Rough Mix.  They very quickly realised they had shared interests: responding to the poetic language of quantum physics, expanding perception through new technologies and exploring collaborative processes. Since 2016 they have emailed almost daily, exchanging ideas about composition from their very different processes toward creating a collaborative space.  Their practical research has included studio time with Milton Lopes and Victoria Liddelle in work with performance and aerial dance, exploring 360° technologies in a shoot at Summerhall’s Demonstration Room, devising sound recording and mixing techniques, exploring sound and picture archives such as the NASA archive and talking to Dr Sheila Gilheany of the Institute of Physics in Ireland.

image: NASA and ESA




we are all made of stars


a developing mixed reality installation that explores the poetics

and magic of astrophysics.

using 360° technology, new music, responsive sound installation

and virtual reality headsets, the piece explores illusion,

perception, mind-reading and time-bending including the story of

two magicians and a disappearing act gone wrong.


stage one

(a work in progress)

9th december 2017


10th december 2017


(20m sessions)


1 summerhall


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